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Alex Ball in Applecado PBMW

I hope you can forgive the personal/racing blog entry this week. Saturday 4th October saw the penultimate event in the PBMW championship (so there won’t be many of these to read this year) and a fantastic result mustn’t go unnoticed!

Alex is a car enthusiast (understatement) as many of you that have visited the office can testify. An early mid-life crisis meant that Alex was inspired to don the flame-retardant overalls and learn something new.

After the first race weekend, his best finish was a pleasantly surprising 12th (and this is a popular series), and the bug bit. Straight away his thoughts turned to a top-10 finish. He chased this over another two rounds until this weekend’s race at Lydden Hill in Kent.

Trying to take a logical programmer’s thinking into a competitive environment has obviously paid off this weekend, with a best result so far of 7th (and a whopping 18 points for that) in a wet race!  We won’t mention a close inspection of the tyre barrier in qualifying ;)

If you’re keen to read more, then head over to the Alex Ball Racing blog.

Images courtesy of and Graves Motorsport.

Alex Ball in Applecado PBMW