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Applecado Supports New Event Forever Stormfest


Forever Stormfest Website

Applecado are proud to sponsor Forever Stormfest, a 1-day festival in Reading (Berkshire) jam-packed with local and not-so-local bands and artists.

The inaugural event has just been completed and we had a brilliant time! The whole event was well organised, and sponsoring an event like this allows to support and contribute to local businesses, talented artists and the growth of the local music scene.

As part of our sponsorship, we built the website (you won’t be surprised to read!) — it looks awesome, thanks to the team for their collaboration (also, it was handy to refer to during the day too!).

Last, but not least, Forever Stormfest raises important funds for Mind and local Reading charity No 5. Check them out and see the good work they are doing.


Photos from Forever Stormfest