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Ten Years of Applecado: 2011 - Direct Band to Fan merchandise marketplace (2/10)


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A few days ago we started our journey back back in time revisiting a web design and development project for every year ahead of our tenth birthday.

This week, we’re talking about 2011 and Toto Merch, a revolutionary online platform for bands, their merchandise and their fans; you’ll also find more detail about Toto Merch in our portfolio.

The team behind Toto Merch approached us looking for a reliable web development team to build and launch their direct band to fan marketplace, knowing that the result would be a secure and effective system built with quality code and innovative functionality.

Working with their chosen designer, we built the site to allow bands and singers to register and set up their own online shop, the system allowed them to upload designs and logos with ease, automatically (and seamlessly) placing them on a beautiful t-shirt mockup. Fan’s orders were automatically sent to printers determined by product and by area to keep the costs normally associated with printing, stock holding, and delivery down.

The site allowed bands to embed their Toto Merch stores into their Facebook pages - which all sounds very 2011 now! Toto Merch hit instant success with over 500 bands registering and setting up shop in the first six months after launch, the system continued to grow and deliver results for a further five or six years before the team moved onto other projects including music PR and property development.

Toto Merch Screenshot