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Do You Need a CMS?



CMS stands for Content Management System; a tool for organising your website’s pages, imagery and copy without learning any dreaded code. It is an invaluable asset if you need to publish content on your website, through email marketing and social media.

More often than not, our Content Management Systems are even more powerful than that and we get a real kick out of making them work cleverly for your business.

So, do you need a CMS?



There are a few instances where you might not, if you honestly don’t need to update any content, ever. When you change your phone number or office address, your web designer or developer can update that for you as a one-off.

However, any more frequent than that and why wouldn’t you want to be able to control it yourself?

Content is King (here is it again). Search engines really like FRESH content too, it’s important that your content is relevant, and it’s really important that your content is regularly updated. Google (other search engines are available) makes it clear that regularly updated sites are rated more favourably. Also, larger changes are preferable over changes to one or two words or sentences.

A CMS makes it super simple to regularly publish your content, add new products, and tweak copy based on your users. As a user, it’s incredibly frustrating to look something up and find out-of-date content.

Making changes…

is quicker:

With a static HTML page, you have to make changes to each individual page. If you need to add a new page to the website, a CMS will make changes uniformly across all pages in the navigation.

is foolproof:

Our CMSs will allow you to make changes keeping specified fonts, weights and sizes. No-one else will be able to accidentally ruin the aesthetics or carefully designed touches. Photographs, for example, will be resized and automatically placed in the correct areas.

Anyone can use it.

We have seen a COO making HTML changes to his company’s website because no-one else could. We’ve built a CMS-driven website that saves one team member an entire day per week in their time, which obviously saves a lot of time over a whole year, and more if we can save time over multiple team members.

It’s not always practical to pay your web designer or developer for ad-hoc changes, especially if you need them to be done very quickly. It’s also frustrating to be asked to pay to correct a typo.

A CMS encourages collaboration, anyone in the team can have a log in and be responsible for their areas within the company’s website. They can be limited to specific areas if necessary, but we want to reduce the bottlenecks that present themselves every day.

What can be managed?

The content management systems we produce are all hand crafted for the project at hand. It may allow our client to update videos, imagery, homepage hero images, team members and content, or it may allow things like adding jobs on a recruitment website, or managing product catalogues and services. The aim is to give you as much control as possible, whilst keeping the effort and time needed to a minimum.