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Electro Mechanical Systems' Bespoke CMS


EMS responsive screenshot

We would really like to share one of our recent projects with our readers, and give you a look at a couple of interesting features with this website build.

All of our clients do something amazing, we’re introduced to and learn a lot about their interests when we work with someone. Electro Mechanical Systems ltd (EMS) are no different. From the supply of minuscule bearings and motors to designing collaborations with major companies to produce prosthetics and other life changing technology.

We wanted to bring their web design up to date, but it was equally important to create new areas to showcase EMS’s custom designs and case studies. They have a bespoke CMS to allow them to easily update content and add new products.

On top of the usual text, blog, and photo management; a new relationship with RS Components was considered during the build by adding a default or individual link between the product information, detail and specifics on EMS, and a listing on RS Components’ own website.

We also wanted to provide users with consistent opportunities to get in touch easily. For example, if the user needs advice deciding between one or more components, the site can relay the recently viewed items to the team with the users contact email which will ultimately provide a faster and better service by eliminating or refining potential products.

As web developers, we love helping businesses succeed, making things quicker, easier, or more cost effective is where we get really excited. If there’s a project you have in mind, get in touch today and we’d love to be able to help.

EMS desktop screenshot