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Ten Years of Applecado: 2019 – Franchise Management Software (10/10)


Mini Athletics

By now, you probably know that we’re celebrating our tenth birthday soon, and before we get there we’re sharing one project from our portfolio every week for each year we’ve been writing great sites, solutions and systems.

This week’s review will share a little more about Mini Athletics, a super company with a franchise model. Our solution has more than a handful of clever tricks up it’s sleeve, read on to find out more.

Mini Athletics teaches pre-school and primary/junior school aged children physical, social and cognitive skills through a specifically designed athletics programme.

The owners of the company needed a new site for a couple of reasons. First was they had outgrown their current site, and needed something that could cope with the growing number of franchises; the second reason was that their business plans included targeting new countries which is a very exciting prospect to be able to develop a system to facilitate.

Administrators can add and manage areas, we’ve made the system so that they are fully in control of adding new countries without needing any further development from us. They can add new franchise owners instantly – minimal data entry is needed for this, the franchise owner is ready to go almost straight away.

A franchise owner has a choice of payment merchants from their own administration area, they can add courses and classes and take bookings immediately. They have full control over the content and imagery used on their profiles.

All franchise owners and coaches have tiered access giving them the ability to view or download the materials they need. Mini Athletics use their system to share course content with their team to make sure the experience and coaching is consistent across all classes and everyone is has the same high level of learning.

Franchisees and Mini Athletics owners have full visibility and management of their courses, classes, waiting lists, and bookings, with helpful notifications of new members, expiring members and merchandise orders so they can be dealt with a personal touch.

Mini Athletics has been extremely successful. The site has taken over 17,000 bookings so far (in no more than nine months), taken several new franchise owners under it’s wing, and even branched out into the UAE. 

Mini Athletics screenshot


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