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Innovative Sailing Brand Zhik Gets a New Ecommerce Website


Zhik homepage mockup

Zhik are an innovative company, making some of the best high performance wetsuits and sailing gear in the world.

Find out more about their gorgeous new web design, and how we worked with them to create their amazing new online shop.

Zhik Store are one of very few authorised stockist the brand in the UK, naturally they’d be based in Cowes. The company came to us with Monday Creative; and eager to follow the well established Zhik branding. Aaron worked out their bold design, keeping to guidelines as well as incorporating some lovely personal touches.

We worked with Aaron and Zhik Store to create a wishlist, and to really understand exactly what the store needed to achieve.

Zhik are able to use their CMS to change practically every part of their homepage… with ease! No need to learn to code, and our bespoke management system won’t ask them to jump through hoops, yet they can edit the sliding images at the top of the homepage as well as each category or promotional CTA (call to action). We put a lot of effort into our content management systems to ensure they’re as user friendly as possible.

On top of this, Zhik Store can add new pages, images, products and categories. An easily updated news section means they can publish content regularly helping improve their online presence.

Customers are treated to a simple online shopping experience, giving them option to make an account, save addresses, and view past orders; or alternatively, going through a quick checkout which can be very helpful for customers who want as few steps as possible.

We love designing and building custom online shops, there’s so much scope for clever functionality that can save you time. We often say, no two shops and their product range are the same, so we should treat their eCommerce the same way, and so no two online shops work the same way.

If you have a shop that could really benefit from a secure, user friendly online shop that can grow with you, get in touch with the Applecado team.

Zhik desktop mockup Zhik desktop mockup Zhik responsive screenshot Zhik desktop screenshot


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