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Marzano Films: Action!


Marzano Films Mockup

Marzano Films have the enviable job of travelling around the world, flying planes, helicopters and recording jaw-dropping footage used in a magnitude of movies and TV programs you will definitely have heard of.

Their new site needed style and substance.

Not only has the new website got the most beautiful example of an attention grabbing hero image, the team has the ability to update it whenever they choose. At launch, we had the breathtaking azure blue of Venetian waters, the desolate Mars(like) scenery and the rolling hills of the Scottish countryside, and we’ve spotted the team has already included the backdrop from Everest.

The team also wanted areas of the site where they could go into detail about the technologies they use, the aircrafts that they fly, and also share showreels and information about the business.

A picture is worth a thousand words.

We needed to get across quickly and simply, how much experience Marzano Films has got. The easiest way to make that impression is visually, and we show the technology and aircraft immediately with the gallery.

Additionally, we have built in a fabulous credits portfolio for Marzano Films to show what films they have worked on, the movie posters make them almost instantly recognisable, and the team can include a trailer, or showreel and some copy for each individual project in the credits list for more information.

Obviously, the technology that we use to create this is important to us. We’re really proud of the CMS we’ve built for Marzano Films’ website and how easy it is for them to update. They can edit copy and add photo’s on location as the CMS is also full responsive as well as being intuitive and simple to use.

If we can help with a similar project, please contact us for a chat.

Marzano Films desktop screenshot Marzano Films iPad mockup