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Communication, Meetings, and Interviews in 2020/Post-Pandemic


Online interview and meeting software

In the UK, we’ve managed a whole quarter of a year in lockdown, working from home wherever we can. Where video chat and phone calls have undoubtedly helped, we’re keen to share a few clever innovations we’ve been working with to keep recruitment agencies and businesses interviewing and hiring.

Thank goodness for the internet; with a bit of hardware and space, most office based jobs can be done from home, and we’ve all seen meetings, pitches, team catch-ups move over to video conferencing using software like Zoom, Google Meet, even Whatsapp.

We’ve been working with a lot of our clients to implement digital transformation in lockdown, here we’ll share how we’ve helped recruitment agencies and clients who are hiring improve their interview process with various online tools.

Twilio Video, SMS, Voice and Telephone Integration

Twilio offers quite a range of products, we have lots of experience integrating websites and online solutions with it for it’s interviewing functionality and for keeping people organised and updated.

With Twilio, we can enable video chat one to one, or between groups of people. Amongst other things, we can share screens using the software which has also proved quite useful. The Twilio software can also be set to record a meeting or interview and we can allow organisers or attendees to be sent a link to watch it back afterwards.

Embedded MyInterview Videos

myInterview is a clever bit of software that can help with initial screening of candidates, or it can be used as a complete interview, depending on your requirements. We have integrated recruitment portals with myInterview to offer a way to share questions and answers with applicants in a low-stress way at a time that suits them.

MyInterview can be used to easily create a set of questions to be sent to one or more interviewees, they can choose a convenient time to access them and begin recording their answers. The software will allow candidates to read the question, consider their answers and choose to start recording each individual answer. The set is completed before myInterview wraps up all of the answers into one neat video file for the company to watch later.

It’s a nice solution that has been really well received by both interviewers and candidates.

Keeping organised

Part of the Twilio product range is automated phone calls and SMS notifications, which we’ve used in different situations to make sure everyone involved knows how to connect and when. Text message notifications are really helpful when used as reminders before an interview, giving candidates a few minutes to prepare and connect early. Using these methods in combination with system notifications or email prompts ensures the portals we build are as useful and offer good value returns where they save time, allow effective decision making, and keep information in one place.

We’ve been busy helping our clients continue to do business over the lockdown, if you’re looking for an agency to help you with a new platform, new website, or integrating software like this to improve the way you work – get in touch, we’d love to hear from you.