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Quarterly Roundup December 2016

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Every now and then we take a look at our blog and realise another quarter has slipped by without us writing another ‘personal’ blog for anyone curious about what we’ve been working on recently.

So, what have we been doing?

This final part of 2016 has been another very busy one for the development team at Applecado. We have launched two white label development projects, while it’s sometimes a shame we can’t share everything we do, we still like to include them (if vaguely) here because we’re always very proud of the work we do.

We collaborated with Muze Creative to launch three sites for Future Facilities, consisting of one main corporate website bringing Future Facilities website design up to date, with a clever custom CMS that integrates with Salesforce. Two further sites were designed and built for Future Facilities for their software products, keeping beautifully in line with the company’s new online presence.

Brilliant Golf came to us this year, frustrated that off-the-shelf software wasn’t the hole-in-one they wanted for their new sports psychology online course. They had meticulously planned and developed their course content with leading professionals and coaches, and wanted us to build a bespoke online learning platform to deliver their content. We built a great system for them based around their course. Initial reception has been very encouraging, with numerous students signing up within the first few weeks alone.

A few years ago we worked with Premium Island Vacations to create a beautiful site for their St Barts Villas. While the original design was still ahead of some competitors, the company owners wanted to bring in some new functionality as well as a refresh so we put everything we learned first time around into the new build. The updated Premium Island Vacations site is simply stunning, feed driven, both incoming and outgoing information is propagated, and has some features that make running the website a simpler task for the team.

Anything else while we’ve got you?

There’s more than code to Applecado, while we were designing, prototyping, programming, and so on, we were also busy supporting the Applecado race car in Lotus Cup/Elise Trophy. Not only are we perfectionists in the office, but it seems we are in the garage too, and this little car actually went and won the 2016 Elise Trophy Championship.

If you want to know more about us keep an eye on our blog, as well as our Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. As ever, we want to hear from you if you’ve got any questions, comments or want to work together.


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