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Microcopy: How small words can have a huge impact

Learn how thoughtful microcopy can have a significant effect on UX and increase conversions.

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Website Accessibility – The Basics

Website accessibility is essential to make sure that your customers and website visitors are able to view and use your website. Below are some pointers for making sure your site is accessible to all, be it those with disabilities, injuries, poor eyesight or unsupported web browsers.

Don't forget that accessibility is not just ensuring a compliant site for disabled readers, but accessibility is about designing for everyone.

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The Importance of User Experience (UX)

UX or User Experience Design is the process of designing with a user-orientated perspective, it encompasses many concepts including accessibility, usability and even system performance, or server speed. Web designers should always have this at forefront of any decisions affecting the wants and needs of the visitor.

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    24th March 2020
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    24th March 2020
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    24th March 2020

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