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Ten Years of Applecado: 2010 - Bespoke Web Development for Virgin (1/10)


Virgin FREE IP

Applecado is ten years old in exactly ten weeks time, so for the next ten weeks we have decided to shine the spotlight on one of our fantastic projects for each of those years.

First up, we’re jumping back a decade to 2010. Things were a bit different back then, for a start the iPhone had barely been released and while mobile browsing was a thing, it really wasn’t a BIG thing.

We were very fortunate to win this particular project in 2010, and so we can’t look at 2010 without going back over the work we did for Virgin Unite.

Virgin came to us with a project that had been started, but had been let down with the development portion. They had a short timescale and needed someone who could step in and deliver a working, bug-free, and robust website and back end.

The idea behind Virgin Unite’s charity platform, Virgin Mobile FREE IP, was to reward people for volunteering. Our system allowed some fantastic people to register, and pledge hours they would give up to volunteer on community challenges or projects. Virgin’s charity team could log in to view expected attendees, before confirming their participation and rewarding their hours with things like concert tickets and experiences.

The website we built for Virgin Unite was extremely successful in the USA, for a number of years. Thousands of hours were volunteered, and we’re really proud to have played a crucial part in that achievement.

Virgin FREE IP screenshot