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Simple Tips For Writing Good Website Copy

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How many times have you read all the words on a webpage?

Now think about how many times your customer will be.

Writing for print is very different to writing for the web. People skim read website pages. They are searching for the answers to their questions.

Essentials for writing web copy

  • Write for a 12-year-old to keep it simple
  • Avoid jargon, complicated words and long sentences
  • Use short sentences
  • Keep paragraphs short
  • Avoid big blocks of text
  • Put your key messages at the top of the page

One key message

Before you start writing, decide the one key message you want to talk about. By keeping this in mind you’ll be more likely to stay on topic. If you feel you have more than one message, save it for another blog/article.

So what?

Get into the habit of asking yourself ‘so what’. This helps you to get straight to identifying the benefits of your product/service.

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Make the page easier to follow and jump through by using headings. Format your page to include bullet points, numbered lists, relevant images and bold fonts.

Talk TO your audience

Don’t be passive, be direct and address your customers. Show your customers the benefits of your product/service:

"Applicants will be given full feedback after the interview process"


"You will be given full feedback after the interview. This will help you learn and prepare for future interviews with us."

Every page is a landing page

Your website won’t be read like a book. Your customers can and will land anywhere. Make sure that every page has great copy and directs your visitors around the site.

It’s not easy

Writing web copy isn’t rocket science but does take practice. Rewrite one of your existing pages now to see the changes you can make. Test this on your target audience to see if they’re more engaged from website analytics.

Don’t forget design and navigation

Copy is just half the battle! Having a beautifully designed and easy to use website will also help the customer journey. Get in touch with us today to talk about how we can help you make your customer journey easier.


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