Brilliant Golf

  • Bespoke Sports Learning Platform
  • Learning Course Management
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Brilliant Golf launched late in 2016, aiming to appeal to a wide range of golf players from keen amateurs to experienced, even semi-professional players looking for that crucial psychological advantage to improve their game.

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Brilliant Golf Secondary Screenshot

We sat down with founders Patrick and Sarah, to understand exactly what we wanted to achieve with the initial launch as well as planning out a handful of features we’d like to add in the future.

We worked with their input; planning and designing the front end and online course area. We built the online learning platform around the course we’d discussed earlier, and have given the team total control over administering course content themselves giving them the flexibility to refine the course as necessary.

Members can create and manage their own account, save progress and complete the course at their own speed.

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The "Brilliant" team have taken the best from the world of sports psychology and worked with top golfers to give you a distilled, practical and straight-forward learning experience - fast access to all the best bits.