British Tomato Growers Association represent the UK’s commercial tomato growers. They wanted a fresh new enticing design and an easy to use website capable of educating and informing the vast range of visitors.

BTGA Primary Screenshot
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The new website, designed by Aaron Rudd, looks absolutely amazing and works flawlessly across all phones and tablets. We collaborated with Aaron and the team at BTGA to create an experience in the back end that meets up to the same standard.

We really love the fantastic printable recipes on the website, with their gorgeous and encouraging photography.

The website has news articles the team can add and edit effortlessly, along with lots of information on each of the growers and nurseries. There’s a wealth of information for tomato growing beginners and enthusiasts alike.

The website has a fabulous range of photography available to view, and a special feature for media professionals to request an account enabling them to download high-res versions for use in the press. The BTGA admin team are alerted when someone requests one of these accounts and they can manage their access accordingly.

As with most of our sites, the CMS allows different levels of access so that one administrator can access certain areas, and others can edit everything and anything. The site’s CMS is set up so that the BTGA team can edit some important data fields giving them lots of control over their SEO information.

Since launch, we have worked with BTGA to introduce an online booking form for their annual conference. Removing the need for sharing email attachments, or printing off paper unnecessarily, the new online form can be opened and closed when they choose, and gives greater control and instant updates to the content of the form.

The Tomato Growers' Association represents British commercial tomato growers.
Their aim is to emphasise and reassure consumers that our growing methods are both natural and complementary to the product and to the environment, as well as advising them of the health benefits of tomatoes in their diets.