• Booking Management
  • Automated Invoicing & Payments
  • Interview Arrangement
  • Notification Systems

Devoted approached us looking for a software development agency who would be able to build a management solution and portal to help transform their business providing great live-in carers for families needing support for their loved ones.

Part of Devoted’s emergence as market leaders included an impressive rebrand, and the content management system we’ve built for the website is stunningly clever - the team can spin up beautifully designed landing pages and highly effective CTAs with a built in asset bank.

Devoted Primary Screenshot
Devoted Secondary Screenshot

Devoted already had various processes and essential paperwork in place; the original brief was to create a system to manage the various requirements, booking and personnel via a series of widgets and plug-ins from off-the-shelf software solutions.

We were confident we could do better than that and are really pleased that Devoted chose a bespoke platform designed entirely around their way of working – we were able to plan and build the system for the same original budget but bring all the benefits of custom software.

Devoted’s brand and website underwent a considerable redesign and looks outstanding. The custom content management system we built gives Devoted’s team easy, quick, and flexible options to create really beautiful landing pages. With the tools to create virtually unlimited combinations of content and imagery, we’ve made the system as intuitive as possible.

The system we built helps manage the whole process from carer recruitment and onboarding, creating a profile around the patient and their family, to choosing the best care team. We developed a clever algorithm that helps suggest the carers that match best, but the team still have the final personal touches to add.

Carers can be securely and privately shared, and interviews can be arranged – the system still manages it all through the booking stages, to automated invoicing and a full automated inbound and outbound payment system. The Devoted team have still retained important control over any of the automated processes, so they can still step in a manually look after an invoice or payments if they need to.

Given that this is often a fairly new situation for Devoted’s customers – and a stressful one at that – it was important to make every contact with the team and system as easy as possible. To help reduce any unnecessary stress, we minimised the need for customers to log-in, or have to remember usernames and passwords etc, and instead the system has been designed to facilitate automation, and we keep everyone updated with a series of well timed, simple notifications to make sure the patient and their families are always aware of every detail.

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Devoted supports families by finding and placing exceptional carers to help loved ones stay in their homes and maintain their independence. Applecado are proud to work with their team and develop a custom solution that helps them spend their time focussing on their clients.