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Gary Feakins Racing is a rising name in the motorsport world. 2014 was Gary’s first full season in motor racing and saw him finish a close second in the Production BMW championship. Determined not to be second best again, 2015 saw win after win ensuring the trophy was his.

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In 2016 Gary turned to a supporting role, putting his keen eye for detail to work on other drivers’ cars. We launched the Gary Feakins Racing website to support his drivers and advertise the full range of workshop and track-side services the team can offer.

Gary Feakins Racing

We wanted to give GFR a striking website design that would immediately set them out from the competition. Combining clear navigation and call-to-action boxes we convey the services easily to prospective customers.

One of the first things you’ll notice on the homepage is the upcoming events - this countdown timer shares all of GFR’s events pulls from the event calendar (which the team have full control over).

The more observant will have spotted the ’Driver’s Log-in’ area, this feature really sets the company’s website apart from the others. We discussed this area in depth with the team to understand exactly what sort of information they share with their drivers and how we could improve on the various methods they currently use.

Drivers are given a unique and secure log-in, where they can access a bespoke messaging system. The messaging system can accommodate attachments, embedded videos, and store files as a useful resource to return to.

GFR wanted to be as transparent as possible, with no two jobs and no two cars being the same, it’s hard to put a cost to something before the car has been seen. We have example services and example prices to give people a good indication of charges. Each service can be described in detail on it’s own page, and the team are able to switch on and off a contact page that appears on each of the service page.

These contact forms provide a really simple point of contact for potential customers, and captures data that is useful for the team and saves the customer having to repeat it.

Naturally, everything on the GFR website is fully content managed with one of our bespoke and easy-to-use content management systems.

GFR offer the whole package from preparation of high performance and motorsport cars to trackside support and expert driver coaching from a GT Cup race winner and Production BMW Champion.

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