• Responsive HTML
  • Job Posting Board
  • Bidding System
  • Sales & Invoicing Solution

We worked with the Gradlancer team, from the very early concepts, creating their wonderful system in excellent quality HTML and CSS, developed an impressive bespoke back end, right through beta testing until launch and beyond.

Gradlancer Primary Screenshot
Gradlancer Secondary Screenshot
Gradlancer Tertiary Screenshot

With the ever increasing costs of a University education, it’s clear that more and more students need to take on part time work to support themselves through their studies.

After graduation, employers are looking for graduates who also have some relevant industry experience.

Gradlancer hopes that helping students freelance for themselves will earn them some meaningful experience as well as letting them set their own hours to fit around their studies, and allowing them flexibility to work fewer hours when necessary so that their studies don’t suffer as a result.

The system is completely bespoke and developed in PHP and using the robust and secure Symphony framework, it is responsive so works beautifully on mobile, tablet and desktop.

The system handles payments, subscriptions and raises any invoices automatically. Employers can post projects, accept ‘bids’ from students and communicate with them through the site to complete the project.

Students can apply for jobs online, setting their own rates, above minimum wage, and maintain a portfolio within the site.

The site’s back end gives Gradlancer total control over all copy and imagery used across it’s webpages, they can add, edit and delete pages and blog posts with ease.

There are different levels of access so that they marketing department can create news entries without needing to delve into the particulars of jobs, projects, and members’ accounts.

The content management system also provides a wealth of statistics and information for reporting purposes.

Gradlancer is an exciting new funded start-up. Their team consists of recent graduates who noticed a gap in the temporary recruitment market. They aim to make a change in the way that students find part time employment around their studies.