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Medical Stats Decision Tree came about when the founders realised they had a wealth of knowledge that needed to be shared. Making correct and accurate choices when determining which tests should be used are just as important as interpreting statistics used by other researchers.

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The information within the decision tree is clearly laid out, and with lots of helpful supporting information and images to help each user make the right choice.

We realised quickly that existing decision tree software offerings were a one-size-fits-all solution and not good or flexible enough to be used for Medical Stats Decision Tree. We were very excited to get the chance to create our own, from scratch for this project.

Medical Stats Decision Tree

We worked with Medical Stats Decision Tree, and used their statistical information as the basis any decisions we made, putting the content first was really important on this project.

We designed the front end, the questions and answers shown to the users, ensuring the presentation was as user friendly as possible, and that any supporting information was helpful and not distracting.

It was also important to consider the administration of the back end, and get the UI (user interface) just right. The decision tree answers had to be flexible enough that the team could add images and extra detail as necessary.

They have options to add, edit and remove questions and answers easily. We tried carefully to reduce the potential to make mistakes by making each step independent of each other, as well as helpful highlighting to ensure the right boxes and connections have been chosen.

We love building sites and software that give power back to their owners, this one is certainly no different. Medical Stats Decision Tree are in charge of their billing with the ability to create new tiers of pricing - any changes are automatically reflected in Stripe and live immediately.

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Medical Stats Decision Tree are a keen and enthusiastic start-up, with a huge amount of knowledge and experience in statistics, medicine, and education. They aim to take the mathematical stress away from students, GPs and other clinical professionals easier through better understanding and advice.