Minibar Products

We worked collaboratively with Aaron Rudd for the Minibar Products website. Minibar Products are a new and growing company who needed a super brochure site that could grow with their brand and product range.

Minibar Products Primary Screenshot
Minibar Products Secondary Screenshot
Minibar Products Tertiary Screenshot

For what could have been a simple brochure site, Minibar Products realised the potential of a fully content managed and bespoke website to showcase their brand.

The beautiful front end is fully responsive giving an optimised view to users on a phone or tablet, and powered by a clever content management system (CMS) written in PHP.

The team can offer bespoke collections, as well as receive contact requests, and sample requests through the website. More importantly though, if they increase the range and create new minibar packages they can add them to the range on the website themselves, automatically creating a new page, adding the new package to the sample requests and the homepage range without the team having to update content in mutliple places, or needing to know any code whatsoever.

The website’s content management system gives them the ability to integrate tracking and analytic software as well as giving control over a few crucial areas of the page’s SEO data. This should be an important addition for any company, but especially a start-up company emerging into the market.

Minibar Products create high end and really useful minibar alternatives for prestige hotel rooms around the world, from a quick pick me up for the jet-lagged to a combination phone charger, they have the luxury contents for you when you need them most.