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Pool Technology came to us as a repeat customer having worked on their sister company’s site. We worked with them to understand their aims and objectives for the new website, creating a new fresh web design and a custom content management system to enable to them to quickly and easily add information to their website.

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Pool Technology is a well established family run company, also local to Berkshire. They deal with a whole range of maintenance, repairs and installation of swimming pools and covers. It was a beautiful set of photography to work from, and we learnt a lot over the course of the project.

The homepage features beautiful, impactful photography of some of their amazing pools. The quality of workmanship is obvious immediately and couple with a clean professional design, we ensure we have established trustworthiness with their customers.

While it would have been possible to bring both sites under one all controlling content management, we decided that it would be simpler for administration purposes to address each site separately as they are different entities and require different content.

Pool Technology

The website clearly highlights the services that Pool Technology offer - everything from initial planning, installation, plumbing, and heating to maintenance and repair. Each service has it’s own page with stunning photography associated with it where the site visitor can read more about each specific service. Each of these pages is editable in the CMS, we’ve made it really simple for Pool Technology to change the photographs that accompany each of these pages too.

The website’s CMS gives the team ability to integrate tracking and analytic software as well as giving control over SEO data on each page and blog post.

We met with the team after launch, in it’s early days they were thoroughly pleased that they had new enquiries straight away and performed well on search engines very quickly.

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Pool Technology is a family run business. They are swimming pool and plumbing specialists, and are proud to provide all aspects of swimming pool installation, maintenance and repair in the Berkshire and Hampshire area.

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