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Smooch Rings came to us in 2012 with a really unique business. They needed us to convey their professionalism immediately, and with no purchasing online we needed to ensure people felt comfortable making an appointment to see the products.

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Competitor analysis was conducted in the early days of the project and we worked through what customers would want to see before booking an advisor. The key was simple presentation with no hidden costs or charges, getting the scale of customisability across to the viewer as well as many prompts to get in touch.

The website was a huge success after launch. Almost immediately we saw visitor bounce rates cut in half, and appointment bookings doubled.

Since the website went live, we’ve been working with Smooch Rings on a few key additions such as a wonderfully helpful map based show search so that couples can see which shows their local advisor will be attending.

Testimonials feature prominently, to put potential customers at ease that they’ve found a trustworthy and reputable manufacturer. There’s lots of information in the supporting pages that will tell how knowledgeable and professional the staff are.

Their bespoke online system consists of an innovative way to store a database of the thousands of different rings with stunning photography as well as clear pricing and appointment bookings.

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Smooch Rings is a friendly and family run business who have a large number of advisors that come to your home to showcase their wedding rings as well as discuss customisations that can be made. The rings are bespoke, made personally for each couple, and we wanted to take the same approach.