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Photographers' websites are often left lacking, which is surprising considering how creative their work is, and how much time is involved with each fantastic shot. It’s unfortunate that most of the options available to photographers add more time and complications to publishing their work for everyone to see.

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We wanted to give Snappy Racers a fantastic looking site with a design that demands your attention immediately; it must be impactful, but ultimately it has to be a cinch for the team to use, and for customers who want to purchase prints.

The design is centered around huge browser filling images to give a instant impression to new visitors. There’s no mistaking the purpose of this site or the nature of Snappy Racers’ work.

We have written the site with ease in mind - there’s a calendar so people know where they can expect to see Jon and upcoming events can be highlighted on the homepage.

Galleries are easy to find, in date order and titled clearly. The left navigation makes it simple for users to get around the site to remind themselves of the important information.

We’ve made purchasing as simple as possible, by keeping the placement of the ordering form and the options available consistent.

There’s no account registration on Snappy Racers, instead we help the customer create a basket, show remaining photographs from the same event in case one was missed, and take them straight off to Paypal for as close to a one-click-purchase as possible.  

The bulk of our development work was something that would save Jon a tremendous amount of time in cataloguing and uploading, so he won’t have to browse and select one or even 5 images at a time. There’s no need to host the images elsewhere and make him have to do the hard work of creating links between uploaded content and the shop.

The bespoke backend can allow bulk uploads of zipped folders of images, with tagging for easy sorting, and titles for display and organisation on the front end.

Jon also has the ability to edit any of the content around the site, update prices as the need arises and have control over his SEO data without needing to know any code.

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Jon Bryant is the talent behind Snappy Racers - he’s a well known and highly regarded photographer in the motor racing circuit. We wanted his new website to really make him stand out from the crowd.

As well as working for national magazines and having worked featured in the Sunday Times, Jon is also official photographer for all of the BRSCC Caterham Motorsport championships and MSVR's Production BMW and Project 8 Saloon championships