• App Design
  • App Developed for Android and Apple iOS

Vodafone contacted us to create an App for in-house use across the entire company. Their aim was to digitise a physical display in their Newbury headquarters which would not only provide more interaction by staff, but can easily be reproduced and scaled for use in each of their offices around the globe.

Vodafone Primary Screenshot

The app was designed and developed to work on Android and Apple iOS devices, and can also stand alone on Samsung tablets and Apple iPads with an inviting pedestal display.

We worked with Vodafone’s clear branding guidelines to create a beautiful and simple interface for the App. The database is updated by the team from a master spreadsheet and repackaged at regular intervals.

We’re delighted that feedback has been very encouraging. The app is now referenced frequently, as a searchable database of information that is now available to all staff and visitors.

Everyone we show it to thinks it’s amazing

Alex Tame - Vodafone

Vodafone are a multinational telecommunications company operating in 26 countries. They are innovative, customer focused, and at the forefront of their industry.