Freelance PHP & Symfony Developers

As well as working with our own clients, we build and maintain a vast array of websites and applications for other agencies and freelance designers. We are a reliable web development and extra PHP symfony developer resource ready to be used when you need us. Acting as your white-label freelance PHP developer we can work silently without ever disclosing the fact we're doing the work on your behalf, or we can work as partners and support you and your clients from the initial project planning stage right through past the launch and future maintenance.

White Label Development

We are happy to work on one single part of your project, or build everything from design to completion.

Some of our agency clients now use us exclusively for all their web development work, and have never felt the need to hire internally to replace us. We are cost effective, deliver a quality product and never fail to deliver on time.

If you have a design or marketing agency, we are your perfect development partner.


Key Service Features

NDA or Partners?

If you're not looking for a partner for your team, but instead want a silent service where you can trust the quality & confidentiality then we can help.

Over 40% of the work Applecado produces is built under NDA (Non Disclosure Agreement) and that requires us to keep quiet about it. We won't put it in our portfolio and nothing will point back to us in the final product. It's your code, your project and your client.

Meeting Deadlines

We are yet to miss a deadline. We pride ourselves on doing the groundwork when quoting the time required for a project, and the complexities the functionality brings.

With realistic deadlines, and a itemised time quote you can be sure that you won't let your clients down, and projects will be a success. You can be confident we can provide what you are selling.

We can also be very flexible and work to tight deadlines if required.

Quality Code

We build all of our applications to the highest quality. That's even more important when we don't have direct contact with the end user.

We make sure our solutions and CMS are easy to use and all of our applications are intuitive. We make sure projects are well tested & bug free, and we offer a great support package to hold your hand through the entire process.