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We Build Websites.

We build beautiful hand crafted bespoke websites designed by expert designers. We can create anything from simple content managed websites & online shops to complex online applications.

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We Write Great Code.

We write our code with the future in mind.
All of our work is bespoke, and written to strict coding standards using the latest PHP Frameworks and best practices.
Stable, scalable and robust.

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Content, Managed.

We are experts at creating bespoke solutions for content management.
We develop solutions which perfectly fit the requirements of each project, allowing clients to easily alter their website.

Hi, we are a small web development agency called Applecado based in Hampshire, UK. We specialise in standards compliant, accessible, functional and attractive websites. We love the internet, and want to help improve it where ever possible through use of quality code, design and best-practices. We have over 10 years experience and have excellent knowledge of Content Management Systems (CMS), e-Commerce Sites, Web Applications, Mobile Applications and all other aspects of the web. We also work with some great freelance designers and successful web agencies in the UK.
In addition to creating beautiful and functional websites, we are just as happy working on your projects. We pride ourselves on our excellent coding skills, and offer a 'silent' service to agencies and designers, taking on their development work or overspill, completing it on time and on budget.
We also offer web hosting to our clients, making us a well rounded one-stop-shop.
Wirehive top 100 league
In 2012 Applecado were awarded a top 50 spot in the Wirehive 100, a league table for the best web agencies in the south east, proving that despite the size of our team we are able to give a quality service to our amazing customers.
In 2013 we were moved up 2 places higher! We strive to go the extra mile for our clients and we think it shows that we are on the right track.

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Our Fantastic Services

We'll try just about anything when it comes to the web, but our main services can be found below.


  • PHP5
  • MySQL / PostgreSQL
  • Accessible CSS
  • HTML5
  • Javascript
  • Responsive / Mobile
  • Mobile (iOS, Android)


  • Content Management
  • e-Commerce
  • Customisation
  • RSS Feeds
  • Secure Logins
  • Web Applications
  • .. Anything!


  • Scoping
  • Ideas
  • UX


  • Websites
  • Logos
  • Business Cards
  • Flyers
  • Holding Pages

Who We Are

Featured Clients

We work for some great clients, but we can't show them all off. Here's a couple have given us permission.

Virgin Unite

Virgin Unite

"It was a great pleasure working with Applecado to build the online platform for Virgin Mobile USA's FREE.I.P. program. At every step of the project they responded quickly to our needs while continuing to deliver a high quality product. Applecado quickly became a company we knew we could rely on".

Marc Humphries - Virgin Unite

Aaron Rudd Creative

Aaron Rudd Creative

"As a freelance designer, I was relieved to have found a reliable developer in Applecado, who I can send designs to for them to build and have a quick and hassle free experience. Attention to detail is key for me to get the most from my designs and I'm pleased to be working with Applecado".

Aaron Rudd - Founder of Aaron Rudd Creative



"We've been fortunate enough to find Applecado to outsource the over-flow of development work during those busy months. It's very cost effective for us and is a far better solution than many freelancers' "fire and forget" approach to projects. Alex is forming a great development house at Applecado who we can rely on to get the job done and to get it right. We look forward to a long term working relationship".

Ben Bush - Co-Founder of FHOKE



"Applecado's approach to building websites using bespoke written code has allowed us to do things other web agencies would have been unable to deliver.

Projects that come out of our studio are rarely straight-forward and often present challenges specific to them, be it user experience for multiple audiences on a large, content managed, corporate information centre – or finding appropriate ways to engage people in a new brand with social media on an e-commerce site.

Alex and Nicky have always offered knowledgeable advice, proved they can meet deadlines, been on-hand for support when needed. Every job we have produced together I have been proud to put our name on."

Anthony Coyne - thinker/doer

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Contact Us

We would love to hear from you about your new project or how we can help on an existing one. You can send email to us directly at, call us on 01256 850 515 or post things to us using the address on the right.

Our Rates

Under normal circumstances we will agree a project-price based on a specification to save on surprises and aid planning.

For additional work, or one-off jobs we charge a reasonable £400 per day or £60 per hour, plus VAT. We have a minimum charge of 1 hour.