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Quarterly Roundup April 2017

Premium Island Vacations logo

We’re excited to share with you what we’ve been up to so far in 2017. Read more to find out.

Last quarter, we told you about the work we did with Premium Island Vacations on their new website and CMS. We’ve just launched a site for the concierge services, Premium IV, to our portfolio. Keeping a very consistent look and feel to the villa site, the new concierge site has had a total content overhaul, and includes online bookings for airport transfers and a few other luxuries.

We are very pleased with our free time calculator, designed and developed for Center Parcs, you can see it in action here.

Not ones to rely on form over function, our expertise is in high quality, functional programming and we often get to enjoy creating business automation or management software. For Roydon Recycling, we were asked to build a document hub for their team to easily share reports, spreadsheets and other documents with customers. There’s a whole host of clever functionality, including uploading zipped folders, tiered levels of user access and more.

Finally, we have been supporting Sandhills Holiday Park’s website since 2013 and were recently asked to make their fab site responsive to keep up with the new share of mobile visitors.

And what are we working on at the moment?

We are looking forward to launching a website for EP Engineering; we’re currently working on the new site and CMS for 606 Club - a legendary jazz venue in London, we look forward to sharing that one with you. And last but not least, the team behind Pincott Plumbing and Heating, and Pool Technology have returned to us for their third website specialising in biosewage treatment systems.

What else is new?

  • We’re very excited to invite Laura into our team where she’ll be helping us whip our marketing into shape.
  • The Applecado race car goes out to defend its title, proudly featuring our logo again.
  • We're just about to celebrate our 7th birthday!

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