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2019 Website Design Trends

Not another Design Trends blog?! Read on to find out what we think will be big in design, and important in performance for 2019.

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Microcopy: How small words can have a huge impact

Learn how thoughtful microcopy can have a significant effect on UX and increase conversions.

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Using Stock Photography: 8 Golden Rules to Do It Well

We are lucky to get to work with some great photography from our clients, and sometimes we get to work with amazing photographers too. With the fast pace that the web and online content publishing moves, sometimes we find ourselves having to using stock photography...

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Website Accessibility – The Basics

Website accessibility is essential to make sure that your customers and website visitors are able to view and use your website. Below are some pointers for making sure your site is accessible to all, be it those with disabilities, injuries, poor eyesight or unsupported web browsers.

Don't forget that accessibility is not just ensuring a compliant site for disabled readers, but accessibility is about designing for everyone.

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People leaving your site without buying? Here’s 10 reasons why.

You have the website traffic and visitors are finding their way to your site, but they aren’t converting into customers. Sound familiar? While your products might be spot on and your marketing is hitting the right notes, there are a number of reasons why your visitors aren’t converting into customers.

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Simple Tips For Writing Good Website Copy

How many times have you read all the words on a webpage?

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SEO Tips – How To Get A Good Google Ranking

Search engine optimisation (SEO) can often seem like a dark art, and with hundreds of companies offering their services to get you to the first page on Google, it can be an overwhelming journey!

While we don’t profess to be SEO experts, we know a thing or two about websites so thought we’d put together some simple tips that you can check and implement on your own site today.

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What is a chatbot and do I need one on my website?

There seems to be a lot of talk about chatbots recently, but do you need them on your website? First things first, what is a chatbot?

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GDPR - are you ready?

With the GDPR deadline now less than six months away, we all want to make sure our businesses are ready for any adjustments we'll have to make. The fines are intimidatingly large, and any changes could take time to implement so it's worth ensuring you're ready sooner rather than later and avoiding any nasty surprises.

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Bespoke vs. ‘Off the Shelf’ Websites

Bespoke or ‘off the shelf’? Website builders like WordPress have their benefits, but have you considered what a bespoke website could do for you?

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Content Marketing: What is it, why do it and how a good CMS will help

There has been a lot of discussion in the last few years about the shift from traditional marketing to content marketing, but do you know what it is and why it is a valuable marketing tool for your business? We’re going to take you through a few points about what content marketing is, why it needs to be part of your marketing strategy and how a good content management system (CMS) can make all the difference.

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Building Recruitment Websites – what you need to know.

We know recruitment websites and we know that your website needs to be a powerful recruitment tool that will give you the advantage to get top candidates matched to the right vacancies. But what do you need to consider when building and designing your new recruitment website?

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